About Me

Director. Storyteller. Artist.
Topaz Peretz is a British Film Director, focusing her life on telling stories through different mediums, and collectively expressing it through the lens. She grew up in three different places: Hong Kong, Bali, but mostly in North London; travelling as a child, and acquiring a spectrum of cultures - mixing it with her own Israeli & Indonesian background.
Painting before she could write, Topaz put her art and storytelling into film at the age of twelve, honing her skills as a director, by learning the dexterity of acting, in order to understand the mindset that an actor entails. 
Presently, Topaz resides in Los Angeles, focusing on her craft with more precision, yet travels between NYC, London and Indonesia, for the different projects brought on by the fine arts and film industry.
Topaz is currently Directing & Co-Producing her feature film "Dollhouse", a psychological thriller set in LA, along with wrapping up her Feature Documentary this June 2019, that has been in production shooting in Bali since June 2018. 
Topaz is also set to Direct her feature version of "Tainted" Spring 2020, and a period war-hero feature film, Summer 2021. Along with her film work, Topaz has her art exhibition "Enthralled" at an exclusive gallery in the only seven star hotel in the world, located in Bali, with negotiations to expand into galleries in Manhattan, NYC, various locations in California and Italy. She will also have a new classical piano album out by the end of 2019.