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Enthralled Collection
- Part One -
A Forever Morning
at $1200 USD

"A Forever Morning" is a singular colour-toned oil piece, depicted during my year stay in New York City. This piece was inspired by the overall mood and atmosphere felt, as I walked through NYC's singular minded, boxed streets.

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"Forgotten" is an oil piece, formed at the thought of a forgotten childhood, and the purity of a child's soul, with their innocent eye towards living and happiness. This piece is an attempt from the artist, to regain that innocence and live life through magic again.

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"Her" is the original oil piece that started this collection: Enthralled. This was a composition the artist started painting with her eyes closed, using two brushes, one in each hand, and just started touching brush to canvas with the thought of nature and the beauty of women in mind. Once the artist felt like she could open her eyes to the painting, did she finish the piece. 

Dimensions: 153 cm x 31 cm
Closer Look:
Left to right ->
<- Right to left
Let Her Run
at $7600 USD

"Let Her Run" is an oil and metallic pigment piece. A feeling of entrapment, why? Just because of gender, and just because of race? This is an escape piece, exploring the capabilities of what a person can do, when no longer confined by the restraints of society, yet also the creation a person formulates, whilst held under these constraints.

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"Moments" is a collage of four different oil paintings, forming one large intertwining landscape. The concept was fragmented memories of the artist's past lover, and the disorientation of capitalism on a female's body, forming a discomfort within what should be beautiful, and transposing this into a forced commodity.






31 cm x 43 cm

89 cm x 80 cm

84 cm x 50 cm

36 cm x 32 cm

Laced By None
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"Laced By None" is an oil piece, depicting a woman with no ethnicity. To live in a world that finds any source of medium to discriminate against, is an inhumane one, and so, a woman laced with no ethnicity, is a woman that you cannot find a way to hate. She is fictional, but she is the dream.

Dimensions: 120 cm 153 cm
Enthralled Collection
- Part Two -
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"Enthralled" is an oil piece, and the soul of the Enthralled collection. It's a glimpsed moment of pure joy. An image, still, but moving in imagination. A ballerina who has worked tirelessly, in order to achieve such a pose, that once performed, appears effortless, natural. She does nothing to hide her talent. She displays her full self: with vibrancy, purpose, and confidence. She's being herself in her truest form, and unapologetically so.

Dimensions: 34 cm x 43 cm
Warmth - 5'1 x 1'4.JPG
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"Warmth” is a monotone coloured oil piece, that brings out the coldest of colours, and transforms it into the most heated and warm feeling. A woman so relaxed in her own form, mid-movement in comfort, & unchanged by those that gaze upon her.

Dimensions: 156 cm x 43 cm
Closer Look:
Warmth - 5'1 x 1'4.JPG
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“Whole” is an oil piece, depicting laceration and bruising, to which the whole entity of the human race experience, whether emotional, physical or both alike. The three very subtle, surreal and almost cartoon-like faces above the bloodied cut, emote an inner struggle with oneself, playing on Freud's ID, Ego & Superego. The artist brings out a piece that at first looks beautiful, but at second glance, has a grotesque flavour. Her question is why does a person only seem to have substance, if they have suffered? And why is it, that every person has, in fact, suffered?

Dimensions: 92 cm  x 43 cm  
Whole - Framed.JPG
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"Wonder" is an oil piece, depicting a fight, yet fading memory of childhood. It is forever instilled in us, that Adulthood should mean the abandonment of childhood, yet the moment a person's inner child is suppressed, is the moment creativity and joy dissipates. The dark and foreboding colours accompanied with the harsh textures used in this piece, brings out the horror of this loss, and is an attempt at gripping to one's inner child.

Dimensions: 55 cm x 37 cm
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"Wonderful" is an oil piece, that juxtaposes the above piece "Wonder" completely. This piece depicts the ability to withstand and sustain your inner child, forever keeping it inside and a part of you. It is the beauty and playfulness of a child, the improvisational aspect of childhood, the freedom from detail, the overlapping of thoughts. Our inner child is the soul to our personalities. 

Wishful - 2'10 x 2'2.JPG
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Wishful” is an oil piece that delineates an in-between moment: “When someone’s soul is so beautiful, can it outcome the external abuse, or is what is right, continually swallowed back, as oneself gradually dipletes?”

Dimensions: 64 cm  x 67 cm
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Courage” is an oil piece that expresses the acceptance of your true self, and therefore speaking and existing as that truth. It's the self-love, self-care, self-acknowledgement of who you really are, and the ability to share that with the world and the people you love. It's the ability to love yourself, and the ability to love others that do the same.

Look Within.JPG
Look Within
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Look Within” is an oil piece depicting a woman and her child exploring the wonders of the universe. The woman spots something magical, yet doesn't realise that it is her own magic she watches, nevertheless, the child sees clearly and with ease. This piece talks of two things: that for guidance, for leadership, for whatever magic you may be searching for, that you should look within; and that a child has the ability to be wise, and to observe things more clearly than any adult's ability, for they do not have society's judgments clouding their vision.

With All Her Love - 3'4 x 2'6.JPG
With All Her Love
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She stands there in her truest form, with all the colours of the universe within her, gazing upon others, with only strength and love. Is there anymore to ask for? “With All Her Love” is an oil and metallic pigment piece, celebrating the most discriminated against human being: The Gay Black Woman. “It always seems to be the most hated person, that shows the most love” - The Artist.

Dimensions: 104 cm  x 79 cm
Closer Look:
With All Her Love - 3'4 x 2'6.JPG
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“Breathe” is an oil piece, depicting a woman in motion, walking with grace, stature, empowerment. Her movement with her surroundings seem seamless. Her blue colours work as if she is the embodiment of water, effortlessly fighting against the flames of red and purple. It is the understanding of her own strength and power, that allows her to move with confidence against the struggles that face her. The colours blend with each other, just as the elements do, whether they fight or work together is ever-changing. 

Dimensions: 61 cm x 49 cm
%22Eyes Closed, Heart Open%22.JPG
Eyes Closed, Heart Open
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She emerges from her surroundings, an attempt to differ from everything she emerges from, not yet born, but her soul embracing, she comes into the world from what she has, to be something new. "Eyes Closed, Heart Open" is an oil piece that encapsulates the moment of understanding the flaws of a situation, in order to learn, embrace, and therefore, make the active decision to move on from it. It is the moment of growth.

Dimensions: 104 cm x 79 cm
Dear Velvet.JPG
Dear Velvet
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Dear Velvet” is an oil piece representing the first breath of freeing air. The realisation that freedom exists, that after the endlessness in the constraints you've faced, you've reached your goal, your freedom, your ability to breathe. This painting captures the transition from a caged state to a free state, and the new thoughts, ideas, reliefs, realisations, and hopes that come with this. The moment your essence changes for the better - the moment you change colours.

Dimensions: 80 cm x 100 cm
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“Awakening” is an oil piece created from a meditative state, freeing the unconscious mind to take over, and opening space to release inner tension. Colours that stand alone as calming and refreshing, are formulated in a way of dynamic and chaotic power. “Awakening” is the work for inner growth, breaking through blockages and internal boundaries; releasing oneself from self-expectations, and acknowledging & welcoming the new self with gratitude.

Dimensions: 101 cm x 145 cm  
Ocean Marks
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“Ocean Marks” is an oil piece highlighting the beautiful array of diverse textures on a woman’s body. In society, woman have been taught to form insecurities and hatred towards their own bodies, for many different reasons, may it be stretch marks, cellulite, body hair, body fat, hip dips, pigment inconsistencies and so on - yet these are things that make us as women, so insanely stunning. With “Ocean Marks”, the artist has changed the colour to captivate a more retrospective perspective of the female body, here the marks make the beauty, but the only thing changed from this painting and our bodies is our viewpoint.

“Just as the ocean’s endless beauty, so are we” - Topaz.

Dimensions: 52 cm x 133 cm  
Closer Look:
Love Greatly Before Translation
For Sale - Contact Seller

“Love Greatly Before Translation” is an oil piece depicting the need to be free, the inability to care for social constraints, and desire for true expression. With the world and public figures speaking for us, authority figures trying to control us, we crave for our faded voices to be discovered, our hearts to be attended to, and our being to be cared for and welcomed.

Dimensions: 104 cm x 65 cm
Leaves Shadow

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